"Lyon Capital is one of the most
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  • We work in a global marketplace:
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  • India
  • Russia
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New Markets, New Partners, New Financing Sources.

International business represents a key opportunity for U.S. companies today.  The question is not should a company go international, the question is how to go international.

Lyon Capital provides customized consulting services to help companies implement appropriate, result-oriented, and cost effective international strategies.

We are a one-stop expert service provider, helping clients develop customized and targeted strategies, implement business development programs, structure resulting relationships and transactions, and complete the deal-making and closing process.


Strategic Planning and Analysis
-- thinking through our client's resources and strengths, and recommending appropriate markets and strategies.  We spend the time to understand your business and industry, no matter how complex -- that is the only way to deliver the results you need.

Business Development --implementing the conclusions reached through a collaborative and thoughtful process.

New Opportunities
--moving the process forward to help clients enter New Markets, find New Partners, and secure new sources of Strategic Financing.

Expert Assistance -- providing expert international assistance that allows companies to focus on current markets as international opportunities are explored.

Cost-Effective Results -- specializing in innovative and cost-effective solutions that are designed to increase a client's bottom line.

Because we only work with a small number of selected clients at a time, we provide our clients with the focus of a dedicated international business development group but without the overhead.

With experience in 90 countries over 30 years, and worldwide contacts, Lyon Capital helps clients capture the extraordinary opportunities in the international marketplace.

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Just back from Dubai meeting with regional investors for client.