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 International Business Development, Strategic Planning, Finance:   China, GCC and MENA, South-East Asia, India, South American

International Business Experience

Lyon Capital and its associates bring broad experience to every assignment in international business development and international business management.  Here are a few examples:


  • JV Development for U.S. Defense sector business, fundraising and local operations development.
  • ​General Counsel to various technology, real estate and private equity firms.
  • Assisted several renewable energy firms to enter the Saudi market.
  • Assisted life science firms develop and implement international strategies in the biotech sector, including in China.
  • Led international business development and strategy for cutting-edge telecom and IT firms.  
  • Led international development for aerospace firm working in the VIP aircraft marketplace. 
  • Worked with renewable energy firms on international strategies and led successful efforts to secure U.S. government funding and grants. 
  • Led international efforts for major U.S entertainment and museum group with international strategy. 
  • Directed international strategy for U.S. Private Equity Firm.
  • Developed international strategy for architect firm.
  • Teamed with U.S. restaurant chain seeking global presence. 
  • Assisted U.S. new technology lighting company with international relationships. 
  • Worked with foreign investors seeking investment in U.S. firms and real estate. 
  • Central role in sending first two $20 million space tourists to space working with Russian space authorities.​