International Business Development, Strategic Planning, Finance:   China, GCC and MENA, South-East Asia, India, South American

Business and Legal Services

One-Stop Source for Global Growth and Problem Solving

Lyon Capital delivers a wide variety of international consulting and legal services to meet a client’s international business development, strategic planning  and legal needs --  increasing international market, financial, R&D, and bottom line opportunities.

Strategic Planning and Analysis
              - International Business Strategy developed with focus on International Opportunities. 

              - Customized Approach, Complex Industry and Technologies

              - Business Plan development and drafting

              Business Development
              -  Strategic Plan implemented, moving from plan to relationships and transactions. 
              -  Distribution, Marketing, Licensing, Joint Venture, and Affinity Relationships. 

Legal Services
             -  Cost-effective Legal Services -- U.S. and International -- integrated with business strategy.
             -  Serve as General Counsel for smaller entrepreneurial firms -- Business and Legal Services.

             -  General Counsel approach allows our team to learn your business and offer legal services that                      are tailored to your business objectives and meets your budget.
             -  Michael Lyon has served as General Counsel of  over a half dozen firms.

International Fundraising
          - Strategic financing specialty.                      


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